Comfort Cool Air Coolers

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Comfort Cool is a young organisation who believes in a product’s affordability and customer service satisfaction. Our products provide economical and effective solutions to combat the heat of Singapore. Backed by our best price gurantee, customers can buy with a peace of mind knowing that we offer the best rates for similar or the same products. Comfort Cool strives to provide the best customer services possible, we always believe that quality product builds brand, while customer satisfaction builds trusts.


Our Coolers

For used in the outdoors, Comfort Cool air coolers are economical to run yet provides huge air flow keeping users cool in the hot climate of Singapore. They can be spotted in many restaurants, outdoor events and warehouses in Singapore islandwide.
We also deal with the sales and repairs of Comfort Cool portable air coolers!

Comfort Cool 165

4500m3/hour Airflow
40L Water Tank
25-35sqm Coverage
$380 (inclusive of GST & Delivery)

Comfort Cool 168

8000m3/hour Airflow
57L Water Tank
50-70sqm Coverage
$698 (inclusive of GST & Delivery)

Comfort Cool B09

9000m3/hour Airflow
100L Water Tank

55-75sqm Coverage
Unique Ice Compartment
$780 (inclusive of GST & Delivery)

Comfort Cool B20

20000m3/hour Airflow
150L Water Tank
130-160sqm Coverage
Unique Ice Compartment
$1080 (inclusive of GST & Delivery)