Comfort Cool 157

$760.00 $580.00


  • Best looking air cooler in the market
  • Integrated with negative ionizer
  • 3 fan speeds
  • 3500m3/hour air flow volume
  • Low power consumption at 180W
  • Ideal for restaurants and home!


The perfect choice for indoor restaurants where air circulation may be limited at certain areas. Complementing existing air conditioning infrastructures, Comfort Cool 157 can assist to get cool and fresh air to ‘hard to reach’ areas without directly ‘blowing onto hot food’ due to its 1.67m tall structure. As it is a water based cooler, it also traps odour and dust. Widely seen in indoor restaurants and HDB shop houses!

What’s in the box?

  • Comfort Cool 157
  • Owner’s user manual
  • Remote Control

Additional information


H1670 x W550 x D408 (mm)

Cooling Coverage

25-35 Square Metres

Air Flow


Water Tank

45 Litres

Power Consumption


Water Consumption

3 to 5 Litres an Hour


1 Year Warranty