Comfort Cool 167

$580.00 $450.00


  • Small, compact and versatile
  • Push it around whereever cooling is needed in your home or office
  • 2500m3/hour high air flow volume
  • Extremely economical power consumption at 110W
  • Ideal for┬áhome balcony and backyard area


Comfort Cool 167 is the choice of many home owners for their balcony/outdoor yard. Keep yourself cool while enjoying the outdoor sun! Designed for small areas such as balcony with an air flow of 3000 m3/hour and power consumption of 110W, it is exceptional efficient. This system uses water to not only cool the air down but also to absorb odours and dust. Quiet operation will not disturb the surroundings and people around the device.

What’s in the box?

  • Comfort Cool 167
  • Owner’s user manual
  • Remote Control

Additional information


H930 x W480 x D360 (mm)

Cooling Coverage

20-30 Square Metres

Air Flow


Water Tank

30 Litres

Power Consumption


Water Consumption

3 to 5 Litres an Hour


1 Year Warranty